Thursday, July 2, 2009

a couple of finished projects

I have been working on some projects that have been sitting in my "to finish" basket, don't worry there is still more to be done, but it's a start.

Another little doll for Amelia and this one has a little baby and a skirt made from some of Amelia's baby clothes. The baby is from a KristenDoran panel, that i finally started cutting into.

I don't know how she got herself into this photo but she did, she had to be included. She is away at the moment at my mum and dad's - gee it is so quite without her. It is our first away time, and I am missing her terribly.

This is Pongo, made especially for Matthew - i bought the fabric from Amitie on their sale day and have been deliberating for some time about what to do with it - well here it is. The pattern was from the Meet me at Mikes book. Nice one!

woops - there she is again!

I finally finished the Dolls quilt for Amelia. It did highlight that I do need some more practice with binding, but I was ok with the finished product. And on top of the quilt is a special dolly inspired by dearfii and her doll pattern in Homespun. I am very happy with her and plan to try some more.


  1. Nice work Kylie, especially love the first doll with the skirt & baby - very cute. I'm sure Amelia is having a great time doing things with her grandparents. x.

  2. She is fantastic:)i love the different colors you have used, what is that fabric you have used for the mini quilt? love fi xo