Sunday, April 5, 2009

getting to now......

My sewing space

I love my Horn Sewing Cabinet - It was Jim's Aunty's, who passed away. I feel very lucky to have it and it makes it easy for me to sew!

the shelf above my sewing machine with some treasured bits and bobs.

Miss Polly for Amelia

A cushion for Amelia

A dolls house cushion for Amelia.

I am obsessed with babushka dolls - these ones especially - I have used some of Amelia's special clothes to make them. I just love looking at them and the vintage buttons too! I am still perfecting the pattern on these.

a cushion for Matthew's first birthday

A dolls quilt for Amelia -work in progress

A little Moopy bunny for Samuel - he loves this and has taken to a calling him Peter! I was inspired to make this for him after seeing my clever friend lisa make this. She constantly motivates and inspires me - she is a natural!

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